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please watch this with sound

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This is really, really good.

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"The CBSA then determined he should be deported to India, a country he has never been to." WOW. If any of you think Canada is still a liberal and progressive paradise, THINK AGAIN.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tim Schafer responds to people reacting negatively to him posting an Anita Sarkeesian video, while simultaneously gaining so much of my respect.


You should really be watching Cowboy Bebop right now.

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Art School consumption of graphic media:

Wow these proportions are so bad this artist is terrible how do they get work we should all redline these to show how much better we could do them if they hired people like us

Professional Life consumption of graphic media:

"Poor dude probably had to draw like eighty panels that day, I hope he didn’t have to spend his whole weekend doing weird revisions marketing came up with"

While this is very much true, that doesn’t mean these artist are critique resistant. Yes industry deadlines, last minute changes can and do often effect the final product; however mediocrity does deserve to be called out.

Please don’t try to use this as a “constructive” argument to defend sailor moon crystal.

Her point is that mediocrity in an mass-produced artform like comic books and animation is usually not indicative of the artist’s skill, but instead the budget and time constraints of a project (along with whatever the higher-ups want).

Like, have you ever worked on a big project where you had to draw a million things within a short deadline? I have, and boy it really stinks having to set in stone a bunch of terrible drawings because you don’t have time to fix them.